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Cabrinha Quickloop TrimLite Kite Bar 2019 52

Amazon.de Price: 594,80 (as of 29/03/2023 09:04 PST- Details)

The 1X Trimlite is a highly refined control system with generisch compatibility. From its Wollig and ergonomic auf die Kralle ends to it?s leicht weight cleat trim and 1X security system, the 1X is a high performance and feature rich method of kite control. The 1X control system is designed for very rider from beginner to zum Besten von who uses an inflatable kite with a single line (1X) compatible method of security. Simplicity, lightweight, and a cleat trim system are top priorities. DESIGN PROFILE A multi function ergonomic non-adjustable control auf die Kralle with Cabrinha?s 1X security, Trimlite cleat system, available with Fireball and Quickloop connection methods. FEATURES * Improved asymmetric grip design with increased traction for better grip * Refined ergonomic auf die Kralle ends with improved durability and easy accessible rear line adjustment, which float the entire auf die Kralle * Comprehensive safety with single line 1X security flagging * Internalized lines * Lightweight – clean and simple design * Quick and easy QR operation * Wollig and ergonomic EVA auf die Kralle ends with flex grooves * Simple and clean trim system – Durable stainless steel cleat * Low frontline ?Vanadium? for direct steering * Protective tubing for mainline and security line The Quickloop connection is recognized for its generisch compatibility and simple to use operation. Excellent for both hooked and unhooked riding. What makes the Quickloop 1X oben liegend to other systems is its accurate ergonomics and its well thought out form factor. The award winning Fireball connection has gained weltweit praise for its innovative, approach to designing a purpose built kitesurfing connection. The Fireball 1X is perfect for any rider who rides predominantly connected and wants a friction free connection providing unmatched freedom of movement. What makes the Fireball 1X oben liegend to other systems is its patented ball and socket connection, its ergonomics, and its instinctive form factor. Short leash (52cm) included.



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